Ditch bed bug infestations in your vacation rental.

Pest Notify stops bed bugs and other pests before they become infestations, so you’ve got happier guests—and a better reputation.

Stop Playing Bed Bug Roulette

At any given moment a resident might be: Picking up a couch on the street with a free sign attached, riding in an infested Uber, or traveling through crowded airports.

What they don’t know, is there’s a bed bug hitchhiking home with them.

While you can’t control resident behavior, you can control extermination costs, by detecting bed bugs early. It’s the difference between paying a small amount to get rid of a few bugs, or thousands of dollars to exterminate an infestation.

Our patent-pending technology simply notifies you earlier, before a few bed bugs turn into hundreds or thousands.

Stop rolling the dice on bed bugs. The odds are not in your favor.

Ditch The Costly Bed Bug Cycle

Bed bug infestation cycle

Ditch The Costly Bed Bug Cycle:

Bed bugs hitchhike into your vacation rental from a guest.

Each lays 1-5 eggs a day. 45 days later these hatchlings are laying eggs of their own

At 90 days, exponential growth begins and a full-on infestation is underway

Inspections are reactive to infestations, not preventative

Full-on infestations are costly and hard to treat

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It’s not if, but when the cycle repeats.

How it works:


Place Pest Notify’s smart monitoring traps in your vacation rentals in discrete locations such as under mattresses and couches



The manager or cleaner submits photos of each monitoring trap via text or email.


Photos are monitored for pests and we alert you via email of any issues.

Easily Document Pest History

Pest Notify tracks and stores data for each unit’s bed bug history. You can view and download data at any time. This history protects your company in three ways: 

  1. Proof the unit was pest-free before a resident moved in.
  2. Proof your company is proactive in pest management.
  3. Proof of when and where the bugs originated. 

This data is a solid protection strategy when a resident blames you for the problem or threatens legal action. 

Prevent Infestations in Your Vacation Rentals, Effortlessly

Whether you’re just getting past a bed bug infestation, are in the midst of one now, or if worries of bed bug infestations keep you up at night, one thing’s for certain:

You can finally stop feeling like bed bugs are a hopeless situation that just can’t be prevented.

You’ll never again have to ask yourself, “are the bed bugs back? Were they ever REALLY gone? Will they return?”

Instead, have peace of mind knowing your rentals are pest free, and that Pest Notify will quickly alert you to any bed bug activity before an infestation.