What’s your role in pest management?

Remote Insect Monitoring.

Low cost, no fuss.


Monitor for insects. Remotely.

Cost-effective, no fuss traps and monitoring: No power source, wifi, or app required.

How Pest Notify Works:

What’s your role in pest management?

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Add to Your Recurring Revenue

Whether you’re just getting past a bed bug infestation, are in the midst of one now, or if worries of bed bug infestations keep you up at night, one thing’s for certain:

You can finally stop feeling like bed bugs are a hopeless situation that just can’t be prevented.

You’ll never again have to ask yourself, “are the bed bugs back? Were they ever REALLY gone? Will they return?”

Instead, have peace of mind knowing your units are pest free, and that Pest Notify will quickly alert you to any bed bug activity before an infestation.