• Lay trap flat
  • Take a vertical photo of trap
    • Make sure trap is in focus
    • Be sure to include the entire trap, including the barcode in the photo.
  • Text or email the photo of the trap to Submit@pestnotify.com or text to +1.702.518.6830

You are done! Well handle things from here!

Not at all, traps are completely non toxic.

But they are super sticky, keep away from children, pets and robot vacuums.


How many times do we have to tell you don’t touch the sticky part? No worries, apply a little mineral or vegetable cooking oil to free yourself.

Learn your lesson?

See the instructions for submitting a trap.

Well evaluate the trap and notify your landlord for you, once we receive your trap photo submission.

It happens.

Submit the trap as per the trap submitting instructions.

Part of what we do when we evaluate a trap is determine if it is still clean enough to remain effective in pest detection. If your trap is determined to be too dirty to be effective we will flag it and notify your landlord for replacement.

Email us: Info@pestnotify.com