Pest Notify Smart Monitoring System

Patent-pending remote pest monitoring traps for crawling insects like bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants.

Smart Traps: $1 each*

* When you order a box of 36 or more. Regular price is $4.99

Price includes monitoring: quick alerts via email, a dashboard to manage your traps, pest identification, customer/tenant reminders, and more.

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Pest Management Professional enjoying using remote pest monitors
Bed Bug Pest Montitoring Trap Sildeshow image how it works

Find the 1 bed bug before it turns into 1,000

Includes patent-pending traps for multiple rooms, monitoring service, customized dashboard, tenant notifications, and property manager notifications.

After purchase we will consult with you to see how many monitoring traps you need per unit, and how to seamlessly integrate.

Hands-off, backend automated system notifies you when a bed bug is detected.

Just $2 a month, per residence

Includes traps, monitoring, and everything mentioned above.

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