How Marketing With Pest Identify Works

Pest Identify uses a carded sticky trap with machine readable unique identification for each monitor.

As a result, every aspect of each trap’s unique history can be assigned and recorded.

All Products leave our factory pre-registered to your specific account and dashboard.

Hanger cards and EDDM brochures are custom branded with your logo.

 “Complementary insect monitor courtesy of (your logo here), Powered by PestIdentify.com” 

Monitor Activation:

To activate a monitor or submit it for review, the user simply sends a photo of the monitor to Pest Identify via text or email. 1-844-909-BUGS (2847) or send@pestidentify.com

  • No app to download
  • No login or password to remember
  • Just snap and send, we do the rest.

Once we receive a submission, we:

  • Decode the machine readable serial number
  • Use machine learning algorithm to evaluate trap condition, insect presence on trap, and pest identification (an entomologist also confirms or re-identifies)
  • Log all of this information into your user dashboard, including time and date.
  • Send push alerts to PCO/Manager
  • Respond to prospects/customers with insect identity and educational information about pests.

Example Use Case

Company Receives Product

ABC Pest Control receives custom-branded door hangers from PestIdentify.com. (Additionally, we mailed out Every Door Direct Mail pieces to a postal route of 523 people, at an average household income of $75,000/year)

  • Pre registered to ABC Pest Control’s account and dashboard.
  • Boxed in lots of 80, which is a convenient size box to sit in a service truck.

Sales Commission Tracking

ABC Pest Control, has a very favorable sales bonus for their service technicians.

Service Technician Harold is given a case of custom-branded door hangers. He is registered in the PestIdentify.com dashboard as a service Tech for ABC Pest Control, and can get the sales credit for the door hangers he deploys on his route by simply texting a photo of each monitor/door hanger he deploys.

Harold can even include notes in his text submissions, such as address or information he might discover during a discussion with the prospective customer.

Harold’s manager Debbie can see that Harold has indeed been placing the hanger cards along his service route on her dashboard.

Product Delivered to Prospect

One of these door hangers was placed on Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s door. Mr. Smith does not think there is a pest problem in his home, and is not interested in a pest service at this time.

Mrs. Smith has a deep fear of spiders, and is constantly worried that Mr. Smith might bring bed bugs home from his business travels.

Both are pleased that while they are not yet customers of ABC Pest Control, ABC cares enough about them to give them a free monitoring service.

Monitor Activation

Mrs. Smith Activates the insect Smart Monitor by following the instructions which can be found on the back of the trap, on the sticker that’s on the front of the trap, and on the back of the hanger (both visual and text instructions). A QR code takes her to a white-labeled landing page on the pestidentify.com website where she can find additional resources on ideal insect monitor placement.

Mrs Smith follows the instructions. She snaps a photo of her trap and texts it to us at PestIdentify.

Our system immediately identifies that this particular monitor is registered to ABC Pest Control, was distributed by Harold, and is being activated for the first time by a homeowner. PestIdentify sends Mrs. Smith a return text message acknowledging receipt of her trap photo and inquiring for an email address. 

(We send all pest identification via email, due to the amount of information that is sent)

Mrs. Smith has the option to include further information, such as address and name.

If we do not get an insect monitor submission in 30 days, Pest Identify will send her a text or email reminder to check her trap. Email includes ABC Pest Control branding and includes other consumer facing newsletter information regarding home pest control. This is a great time for ABC Pest Control to give a coupon for their services.

ABC Manager Debbie can see in her dashboard that the Smiths have activated their complementary trap, distributed by Harold.

Insect Detected

Two days later, Mrs Smith spots an insect in her monitor. She knows it’s not a spider, and is pretty sure it’s a bed bug! Her second worst fear!

Mrs. Smith snaps a photo of the trap and texts it to PestIdenitfy.com.

Our Machine learning algorithm and entomology team identify the insect as a carpet beetle. An email is sent to Mrs. Smith, notifying her of the correct identity and plenty of information about the pest. 

She’s reassured that this is not the end of the world, and yet educated enough to make a confident decision about subscribing to pest control service. As with all email correspondences they are branded and linked directly to ABC Pest Control, who has had her back from the start and made it easy to just click on ABC Pest Control’s scheduling link.

Pest Control is Notified

Back at the office, Debbie also receives notice of the pest problem over at the Smiths and contacts the prospective customer at exactly her time of need, securing a sale.

Harold also gets his sales bonus for his role.

As an ABC customer several more monitors are placed in the Smiths’ home. The Smiths have comfort in knowing that ABC doesn’t just over spray toxic chemicals in and around their home, but rather continuously monitors their home for pests as part of an integrated pest control solution. If a problem does occur again, ABC is only the snap of a photo away.

Call or email us for more information:

sales@pestnotify.com, 1-844-909-BUGS (2847)

Product Images:

Smart Monitor with Peelable Instructional Sticker


Customizable Door Hanger (Front and Back)

(Size: 4.5×11 inches)

EDDM (Every Day Direct Mail) Mailer, customizable

(Size: 8.5×11 when opened)




Example Dashboard

Email Example: Carpet Beetles Detected

Customizable call-to-action, discount code, and contact/booking link

Call or email us for more information:

sales@pestnotify.com, 1-844-909-BUGS (2847)