Pest Notify is Simple and Easy to Use:

So, what’s so innovative about our product?

It’s like the paper traps you’re already using, but it talks back to you with data.

And, at just $1 per monitoring trap, it’s affordable.

Plus, it’s an innovation that will make your business stand out from the rest of the crowd.

How it Works:

First – Each monitor has a barcode that’s linked to your account.

Second – You, your tech or customer takes a photo of the trap and texts or emails it to us.

Third -Your photo is evaluated by our team at Pest Notify, using machine learning and entomology experts. 

Fourth: When a pest is detected, our service team will notify you immediately by email and text.

It’s also logged in your online dashboard.

Now imagine doing this with all of your customers and residences.

This gives you thousands of data points in one place, in an easy-to-understand dashboard, prioritized for quick decision making.

So basically, you’re getting all of the benefits of high-tech remote monitors, but without the high price or headache of figuring out connectivity.

Pretty great, right?

Order today to get started with Pest Notify: