Residential Bed Bug Assistance Scholarship

Pest Notify is offering its 2nd Monthly Bed Bug Scholarship 

Applications are due July 14th, 2022.

bed bug assistance scholarship for residential

Do you need help getting rid of bed bugs?

Pest Notify is giving away a monthly bed bug scholarship in the United States to assist in helping rid a person, family, or a landlord/manager of bed bugs.

Why We Created the Bed Bug Scholarship:

Bed bugs are quite difficult and expensive to get rid of, particularly for people that currently lack the financial resources to fight them back. This can cause separation from friends and family, anxiety and stress,  embarrassment, and sleep loss. And that’s just a few problems bed bugs can cause.

While we at Pest Notify already help prevent bed bug infestations early with our remote pest monitoring traps and services, we want to do much more for those who already have infestations. We also want to help those in need to eliminate bed bed bugs and the problems associated with the pesky little critters.

It’s our mission to not just help people and families eradicate bed bugs, but to continue monitoring to make sure the bed bugs don’t come back. And if they do?  We will know early on and can help combat the situation.

How Our Bed Bug Scholarship Works:

If you need help getting rid of bed bugs, please fill out the short application at the bottom of this article. You can choose to remain anonymous to any other sources, and only those reviewing the scholarship application will have your name. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a renter, a home owner, or a small property management company: we are looking to help those in need. 

The Award:

If you are chosen, we will contact you directly. At that point, we will partner with a local pest control company to help eliminate your bed bug problem. 


If you have any questions about the application or need assistance filling it out, please contact us here.

Terms & Conditions Apply:

No purchase is necessary, and you must read and agree to our terms and conditions and official rules to apply.

Application Form Below:

If the embedded form below is not loading correctly, please fill out the application at this link instead.