Up to $2,500 Monthly Scholarship for Residential Bed Bug Assistance

Scholarship Will Help Residents Pay Pest Management Professionals for Treatment(s) 

6/8/2022 –

Bed bugs are an epidemic that hit those with less financial resources the hardest.

That’s why this June Pest Notify is giving its first monthly Residential Bed Bug Assistance Scholarship of up to $2,500 for pest control services. 

Each month one scholarship will be given to a renter, home owner, or small property management company. The scholarship will assist the winner in eliminating their infestation with the help of a pest control company in their area. 

“Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of, especially for people that lack the financial resources to fight them back,” says Robert Edwards, Founder of Pest Notify. “People in this situation often aren’t able to write the check to a professional, and instead try to DIY it with things that just make the problem worse.”

He says that for many people, bed bugs can cause separation from friends and family, anxiety, stress, embarrassment, and sleep loss.

“Some of the worst stories are with split families, where one parent has a bed bug infestation, and so the other parent can’t have their own kids visit them,” he says.

Pest Notify’s mission is to not just help prevent bug infestations with remote insect monitoring traps, but to help those people who already have the problem.

“That’s why we created the assistance scholarship. So that people currently suffering from the anxiety, sleeplessness and isolation of an infestation can finally be bed bug free,” says Edwards

When an application is selected, Pest Notify will partner with a local pest control company in the person’s area to help eliminate their bed bug problem. In addition, they’ll help monitor for bed bugs in the months after treatment with the Pest Notify remote pest monitoring traps.

If you know of a person, family, or small property management company in your area that needs financial assistance with bed bugs, then please fill out the form at www.pestnotify.com/bed-bug-scholarship, or send the person/business the link directly.


Pest Notify provides pest management professionals with early bed bug, cockroach, and other crawling insect detection with its patent-pending remote insect monitoring system. You get the benefits of remote monitoring without at a low cost, and without the hassle of needing a power source, wifi, or app. 


Robert Edwards, Founder and CEO: [email protected], 406-498-2764

Lisa Edwards, Director of marketing: [email protected], 406-533-8125